About us


World Truck Auctions saves you time and energy, that's what we actually do.


World Truck Auctions is the online auction website focused on road transport. On the auction website, a large variety of transport equipment will be auctioned. For example; Tractors, semi-trailers, trucks, trailers and related equipment such as containers and truck mounted forklifts.


We distinguish ourselves by specifically focusing on road transport. The vehicles are offered on behalf of transport companies and leasing companies.


The (used)trucks at the Auction all have a clear and detailed description and photo display so buyers know exactly for which they place a bid.

Years of experience in the heart of transport and dealerships turned into the fact that we understand the transportation sector very well and we are committed to achieve for both, buyers and sellers the best results.


Supply and demand come together and develop a market-based sales. Professional, transparent and clear is what we represent with our online truck auctions.



Sales of business takes time and effort. Selling by World Truck Auctions saves you time and energy. You can offer your vehicles for auction by yourself or we can arrange it for you.



World Truck Auctions hosts online auctions and is an effective method to sell trucks quickly. By organizing regular online auctions both buyer and seller are able to participate at one of the online auctions.


Target group

World Truck Auctions is continuously active to bring the auction assets at the right audience's to attention, so effective sales is realized.



Auctions organized by World Truck Auctions provide transparency to all involved parties.

Checked technical information, clear and detailed pictures of all the offered assets. The price is set in an open and honest way.


World Truck Auctions is exclusively focused on the business market. Bids from private individuals are ruled out.